Moran Rosenthal

Between yoga and design

Namaste dear people,

I am welcoming you to join my journey and getting to know me. Here are some words about my path and personal life, thank you for reading it :)

In 2009 I visited India for the first time and really discovered Yoga in Rishikesh, after my first Hatha class I was hooked. I’ve always been very active and played many sports but never felt the level of connection between body and mind that comes through the synchronisation of movement and breath. After leaving India I readjusted to the pace of “normal” life again. Studying Graphic Design I went on to work as a graphic designer, whilst practicing yoga remained a vital part of my life and self-care routine.

In 2016 I moved to Berlin, having more time for myself I began to strengthen my practice and came to the realisation that I want to share the science of Yoga with others. I returned to India for the third time in 2017 and completed my first 200 hr YTT in Rishikesh, a spiritual hub of India. I began teaching in Berlin and a year later returned to India where I completed a 500 hr YTT in Varkala.

I’m trained in Traditional Hatha and Ashtanga. As a teacher, I bring my own interpretation to the Hatha and Hatha-vinyasa styles. I strive to hold classes that warmly welcome people of every background and ability into a relaxed and compassionate atmosphere, to facilitate the physical release of tension and to encourage serene mental clarity.

I feel Yoga is a journey to help us connect with our deeper selves, encouraging us to remain present. By taking the time out to connect with ourselves we create space within and cultivate more energy to share with the people and things we love most.

© 2019 Moran Rosenthal